Short Track-in-a-Bag


Short Track Rolla Derby in a Bag!

A quick and painless way to set up short track rolla derby anywhere.

This kit includes a durable tote bag, track markers, measuring rope with colour-coded layout markers, and a laminated layout diagram.

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Track markers are made of recycled rubber, approximately 1/16″ thick, lightweight, and easy to lay down. They will not stick to the floor, and will move somewhat if skated directly over or slid into with toe stops. 80 track markers are provided – enough to easily lay out the entire track. The track markers are blue on black as shown in the blow-up image.

Rope is non-stretching & non-fraying, with durable sewn-in-place colour-coded markers to indicate measuring points for radius centre points, inside and outside turn radii, safety zone radius, and blocker and jammer start boxes. A handy layout guide shows you exactly how to lay out the track.

The entire track measures 48′ x 73′ (14.63 x 22.25m). It will fit in a space smaller than a standard basketball court.

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