Drop in Skating

Come roll with us! Our brand new 20,000 sq ft venue at Rollerland at the PNE is centrally located in East Vancouver and easily accessible via car, bike or transit.

How does it work? Rolla Skate Club is the world’s first Rollerskating Gym that parties on the weekends! We have monthly memberships for adults that give you access to our 40+ classes/open skates/workshops that run 6 days per week. On Saturdays we party – theme nights, DJs, full service bar – everything you need to celebrate your special occasion.

Just want to drop in and skate? You can do that too! Check the schedule below for times that are open for drop in skating at our rink and skatepark. No pre-registration is required – come on in and we’ll get you rolling! Want to come regularly? We have an Open Skate Membership!

Drop in Skate & Skatepark Prices
Adults (16+) $25 +GST
Youth (15 and under) $20 +GST
Rollerskate rental $6.50 +GST
Protective Gear Free

– Drop in Skate Times –
Monday – Thursday
10am to 12pm – All Ages – Strollers welcome
2pm-3pm – Adults only
3pm-5pm – All Ages
9pm-10pm – Adults only (no drop in on Thursdays, Members Skate Jam 8pm-10pm)

Closed for private/corporate events

1.30pm – 3.30pm – Adults only (half rink)

1pm-3pm – All Ages
3pm-5pm – All Ages Community Skatepark – All wheels welcome!

– Drop in Skatepark Times – Adults only unless noted
Monday – Thursday
10am to 12pm – All wheels welcome
12pm-2pm – Rollerskates and blades only
2pm-4pm – All wheels welcome
4pm-9pm – Rollerskates and blades only
9pm-10pm – All wheels welcome (no drop in on Thursdays, Members Skate Jam 8pm-10pm – all wheels)

Closed for private/corporate events

9.30am – 3.30pm – Rollerskates and blades only

10am-1pm – Rollerskates and blades only
1pm-3pm – All Ages – All wheels
3pm-5pm – All Ages Community Skatepark – All wheels welcome!

What is the rink floor? Our rink floor is high polished concrete. It’s smooth like butter! It can be a little grippy, so we recommend hard wheels.

Can I have my kids birthday party during drop in hours? Sorry, no. We cannot accommodate birthday parties during these times. However, check out our Saturday Night events – music, lights, table bookings – we’ve set everything up to make it perfect for celebrations!

Can I bring food? Outside food is not allowed in our venue. We do have a snack bar available. We recommend bringing a full bottle of water as skating is hard work! We have water refill stations.

What is Community Skatepark? We’re glad you asked! We love our outdoor skateparks here in Vancouver, but we don’t love it when the winter weather stops us from using them. On Sundays from 3-5pm our space becomes a community skatepark. Skatepark elements are moved into the center of the rink, all wheels and ages are welcome to come out and roll together. Come hang with your local skate community.

Do you have instructors during drop in times? Drop in times are unsupervised and are skate at your own risk. If you have young children still learning, you are welcome to walk with them on the rink to help them get rolling.

Do you have rules on protective gear? Helmets must be worn at all times in the ramp area of the skatepark. We highly recommend protective gear for adults and children – we have wrist guards and knee pads to rent for free. Please bring your own bike/skate/ski helmet. We have a few available to rent, but your own one will fit better and protect your brain!

What does “All Wheels Welcome” mean and why is it not always all wheels? We love all types of wheels – skateboards, rollerskates, scooters, inline skates – and these are the times when they are welcome in the Skatepark. We have specific times that are “All Wheels Welcome” to control the noise levels in our big echoey space when we have classes running. That way everyone can enjoy their experience at Rolla Skate Club. *Sorry no bikes in the Skatepark except during Community Skatepark session. 

– Looking for Youth Programs (ages 6-15)? Check out our Youth ProgramsHERE

– Looking for Saturday and Sunday Skate Parties? Check out our EVENTS PAGE

Skatepark jump
Tying rollerskates
stretching on skates
Power class