Parking is FREE for Rolla Skate Club members and guests, but parking locations change regularly due to other events taking place at the PNE’s many venues. Please see below for upcoming changes and alerts. Full PNE parking map can be found at this link.

We are located in the Rollerland Building at the PNE! On Google Maps, input Rolla Skate Club and you’ll see our exact location, at the intersection of North Renfrew St. & Dundas St. (The E Hastings address in our Google listing is actually the PNE’s mailing address.)

The best place to park is in the skinny lot with diagonal parking spots, aka the “bus loop,”  just north of Rolla next to Pacific Coliseum. During other PNE events, there may not be space in the bus loop, so your other options are Lot 6 or 7 @ Gate 6 just south of the Coliseum, or Lot 1 @ Gate 2 in front of the Forum. If a parking attendant stops you at a gate, just let them know you’re here to skate at Rollerland and they’ll point you in the right direction.


  • Summer 2023: Many events happening around the PNE, especially on weekends, so some parking gates may be closed and roads may be busy. Please give yourself additional time to get here. If the gates on the Bus loop are closed, use Gate 6 or Gate 2 to park.