Meet Coach Cupid (she/they)! 🛼

Coach Cupid has been spreading the joy of rolling at Rolla since 2019. They’ve taught everything from the kids programs to the derby bootcampers and are especially loved by our adult beginners for their patient and encouraging attitude.💜🌈

Your name, skater name, or how you like to be called, and your pronouns: Sage / Cupid Stunt / Bustylicious (formerly)

When did you start skating? Rink skating: Glenwood Centre, Friday night roller rink for youth in Port Alberni (Circa early 90s) / Street skating – Port Alberni Safeway parking lot / Kitsukus Dike in my in-lines (most of the 90s, lol) / Roller Derby – 2006 with the start of TCRD!

Tell us a bit about your skating history: -Last TCRD founding member still playing with the league for its 15th Season. *if that happens this year
-I’ve played for many teams but love none of them like I do the Bad Reputations
-Played 2 years in a row at Burning Man with the Black Rock City Rollergirls
-Have been coaching new skaters and roller derby players for over ~12 years
-As a player I’m known for offensive plays to help my jammer score and have won many “Jammer’s best friend” awards
-HUGE Strategy and Rules nerd. I started watching roller derby avidly when I started playing… AND AM ADDICTED. Just as big a fan of watching the sport as I am of playing it.

What do you love the most about rollerskating? I love to skate fast. Playing a sport where you can also hit people while skating fast … is just dreamy. I also love the calm and control that you feel when your team comes together on a play, or when a blocker and jammer work so closely together that you don’t need to call a play using words at all … just an eyebrow or a hand gesture and you’re on the same page. Scoring points, winning games … but doing it TOGETHER! (Can you tell that I miss roller derby a bit? Lol)

What about coaching do you enjoy? -Teaching the kiddos!
-Watching when a skill clicks for a student for the first time.
-Seeing the skills and confidence build from a newbie on skates … to a fierce roller derby player.

What types of skating do you do? Rink Skating / Street Skating / Roller Derby …. still aspiring to learn: Artistic, Dance, Park! 😀

What’s your favorite skating move right now? I’m really enjoying working on all kinds of spins. I get dizzy really quickly so I need to practice this more!

What is your skate setup right now? New skates! Riedell Solaris with custom colors / Venus aluminum plates / Radar Halo wheels

Tell us something random and non-rollerskating about you: I am a dual Canadian / US citizen and love travelling south along the west coast. Vancouver to Baja is my favorite drive.

Anything else you want to share? Still aspire to play BANKED TRACK roller derby! Possibly with Tilted Thunder Railbirds in WA <3 … once there’s an open border.        

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