Get to Meet Coach Marcela!

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What’s your name? Marcela

When did you start skating? November 2020

 Tell us a bit about your skating history: I started skating with Rolla Skate Club during the pandemic. Once I got myself a pair of my own skates, I would bike to skate spaces around town, hit play on some tunes, and play around for hours…kicked out by the dark or by tennis players. I felt super lucky and welcomed to join up with fellow skaters throughout the summer of 2021 who also love to flow skate, hit up discos, and get lost into our own little skate zones with some good tunes and maybe a beer or two 😀

What do you love the most about rollerskating? I love the feeling of the first few strokes of skating on a nice smooth surface. Everything in my body and mind relaxes and the muscle memory kicks in to rolling again— it’s like taking a deeeeep breath. The way music and skating go together so seamlessly. Cracking open new moves and skills — e.g. when they finally “click”. Sharing excitement for skating with other skaters!!!

What about coaching do you enjoy? Giving education to help folks discover new options/perspectives to guide their own journeys. Learning from other skaters (students, friends, coaches, whoever) about skating and having laughs while doing it!

What types of skating do you do? Artistic & flow. A bit dancey. All about the music. Slow or funky. And will get into park skating asap!!!

What’s your favorite skating move right now? Grapevine! And (working on) giving those dips a little more funky flavour 😉

What is your skate setup right now? Jackson vista skates (purple), nylon plates, radar 62mm 78A wheels, dance plugs

Who/What inspires you right now in the skating world? Libby Williams, Estro Jen, Bfunkphenomenon, Coach Smokie at Rolla, Jason Acosta, Fairyquadmuva, Caro Hernandez

Who/What inspires you right now outside the world of skating? My friends and family are the people who inspire me the most every day

Tell us something random and non-rollerskating about you: I want to get into surfing on the West Coast!
I’m a helicopter-mom to my cat Cheeto :s
I can never say no to candy

This is Marcela’s cat Cheeto!

From this month forward we will be focusing on some of Rolla’s fabulous individuals – sharing their stories with you and giving you a glimpse into what keeps them inspired and rolling! Keep an eye out on our social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) to get to know them!