Hey skaters!

We’ve created a graphic demonstrating the different Rolla pathways to help you make the most of your membership at Rollerland to get you to your ultimate skate goals!

We recommend a minimum of 3 months of consistently skating 1-2 hours a week, via our All Access Membership so that you can attend lots of Learn classes and Open Skates to practice, before moving on to other classes!

What’s your rollerskating goal?

  • Take a few Learn classes, then move on to a Play and/or Power class before taking the Dance, Derby Bootcamp, or Skatepark 8- or 4-week progressive courses. It is recommended to put yourself on a progressive course’s waitlist ASAP after registration opens, then deciding when the time comes if you are ready.
  • Take a few Learn and Play classes, then Dance Level 1, then Dance Level 2 drop-ins, then take additional workshops.
  • Take a few Learn, Play, and then Power classes before Derby Bootcamp or Skatepark.
  • Once you get confident with Play classes, take the 8-week Derby Bootcamp progressive to elevate your overall skate skills with drills, agility, and coordination training – Derby Bootcamp is an excellent course to take even if you don’t plan on playing Derby afterwards!
  • Take a few Learn and Play classes, then Skatepark 101, then join us for any Open Skates (self-guided) or a Skatepark Session Meetup which occur every Sunday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm, or Thursday from 8:00pm to 10:00pm to work on what you’ve learned in the skatepark, ask questions, and get additional support in a low-key meetup vibe like we do when skating the parks outdoors!


xo Rolla Team